General Inquires

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[accordion-item title=”What are the requirements to obtain a Concealed Pistol License in Michigan?”]See HERE for the official state of Michigan requirements.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”I’ve completed your CPL Training Course and have my certificate of completion, how do I apply for my Concealed Pistol License?”]The time to process your license varies by county. Some are fast and others are slow. Be patient…See HERE for complete information.[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”What other states will honor my Michigan CPL?”]Michigan has reciprocity in many states. Ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws and you should contact the Attorney Generals office or State Police in the state you are traveling to in order get the most correct and up-to-date information on reciprocity. See HERE for more information.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”How old do I have to be to apply for my Concealed Pistol License?”]You must be at least 21 years of age to apply for your Concealed Pistol License.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Can you recommend a good self defense attorney?”]We recommend the Law Offices of John Freeman. You can find more information HERE.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Are there places that I cannot legally carry a concealed pistol with my CPL?”]Yes, the concealed carry law includes “Pistol Free Zones” See HERE for a complete list.[/accordion-item]

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Pre-Sales Questions

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[accordion-item title=”What is the minimum size private group that you will accommodate?”]We will do private groups of 6 or more at your place of business or residence for the same price of $125.00 per person.  Private one on one classes will be $225.00[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”How long does the CPL Training Class take?”]The CPL Training Course is a one day, 8 hour course that generally starts at 8:30AM.[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”How much will it cost to get my CPL?”]Our CPL Training Course is $125.00 per person. The county clerk in the county of your residence requires a filing fee of $105.00. You will also need to have your fingerprints taken when you apply for your license, they will take your picture for  a fee of $10.00. Total cost to the clerk’s office will be $115.00.[/accordion-item]

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