Tactical Training Course

Tactical Training

The moment that you need to use your weapon in self defense will be the most stressful of your life. Your performance and handling of the situation is guaranteed to fall back to the level of your training. If you have no training, chances are that the outcome will not be what you expect.

You have a gun. You have ammunition. Do not be without the most important component of your arsenal: your confident ability to use them effectively, made possible only through the high quality personal defense training at Critical Point.

Whether you are an experienced shooter looking to enhance your expertise, or have never held a firearm in your life and want to overcome your fears.  Critical Point will guide you in the mastery of your firearms.  We hold ourselves to the highest level of training for everyone; regardless of their skill level…We believe that premier firearm training should not only be available police and military but to responsible citizens as well.

[pricing_table title=”Tactical Training Course” price=”$300″ price_cents=”” price_desc=”per person” button_text=”Sign Up” button_url=”http://criticalpointmi.com/?page_id=2″]
[item]Coffee & Donuts[/item]
[item]All course booklets[/item]
[item]All course worksheets[/item]
[item]**Gun rental extra[/item]


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